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Become A Staff Member Of GWI! 1

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Become A Staff Member Of GWI! 1

Post by General Yoghurt on Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:08 am

As we move closer towards the launch of GWI 3.o we’ve decided to open up several new spots to help us achieve our goals. With over a million monthly visits, GWI is by no means a small site anymore. Rumor also has it that Seven hasn’t slept in nearly 3 months and caffeine reserves nationwide are at an all time low because of this. So, over the next 2 weeks we are accepting applications to join the GW2 addicts that make up the GWI team. Even though GWI is held afloat entirely by volunteers, there’s plenty of perks to joining the krewe including: free games, ebooks, swag, gear, in game items and more. All that and the occasional bit of off-the-record / inside info stuff. Shhh…

Sound like something you’d be down for joining? Well, read on and see if one of the available spots fits what you’re looking for.

Deadline for entry is November 13th.

Currently Staffing:

Profession Bloggers

Guide Curators

News Reporters

Video Content Creators

Video Content Creators

Go to Profession Bloggers for openings and application information.
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