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Diablo III adding 100 levels via new Paragon system

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Diablo III adding 100 levels via new Paragon system

Post by TheHidden01 on Mon Aug 20, 2012 8:26 pm

How does 100 more levels of Diablo III grab you? Blizzard has just announced a new Paragon system for its fantasy dungeon-crawler that gives high-level players a reason to keep grinding. Once you reach level 60, additional experience will go towards your Paragon level. Each level boosts core stats, and a new dev diary says that "the time to reach the upper Paragon levels approximates the long-term time investment required to get a level 99 character in Diablo II."

Blizzard's Jay Wilson also elaborates on how Paragon levels will impact D3's Magic Find system. The devs are capping Magic (and Gold) Find at 300%. The aim is to "slowly and gently move Magic Find off of items in the future," Wilson explains.


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