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German consumer group accuses Blizzard of deceptive marketin

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German consumer group accuses Blizzard of deceptive marketin

Post by TheHidden01 on Thu Jul 26, 2012 2:23 am

The debate over Diablo III's always-online requirement doesn't seem to be over for a German consumer advocacy group. The Federation of Consumer Organizations is officially claiming that Blizzard Entertainment used deceptive advertising when marketing Diablo III and has given the company until July 27th to respond to these claims. If no response is received, the group will be taking Blizzard to court over these practices. This is in addition to a class-action lawsuit being organized by Korean internet cafe owners over the game's non-functional status following launch.

Diablo III's current packaging states that players must be online to access, but it does not specify that accessing is a requirement of continuing to play the game. The outcome of these particular grievances could have a great deal of influence on the implementation of always-online services in the future, but it's unclear what Blizzard's response (if any) will be to this particular complaint.


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