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A football related story - By Astaroth

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A football related story - By Astaroth

Post by Astaroth on Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:42 pm

A football related story

Hi everyone! If you all feel like you've got time to spare then here's a short story about something that happened to me IRL not too long ago Smile IMO it's kinda funny,
extreme and weird lol.

Alright so it's a regular Saturday evening and I'm heading off to my football practice, this is not my regular team practice though and I only played with these guys a
couple of times until I later left them. Why? You'll find out the answer shortly Wink
Either way I get there and everything goes on like usual, everyone greets each other and say hi etc - except that this time a new face appears. A somewhat slightly older
man. He instantly caught my attention just by looking at him, you could tell he was an agressive and sadistic fucker. I figured I'd just ignore him, who's he anyways, I've
never met him before so might as well just go on with the practice. And so we split up into four teams and everyone warmed up etc and then we'd just play one team against
another and whomever wins stays. So our team was last of the four to start - The older man was not on my team mind you, him and his son was on the first team going out.

Either way watching from the sidelines everything looks like a normal, calm day... Until that old man got close to anyone with the ball that is. I watched him game after
game, even during my teams game I'd still keep an eye on him always and let me tell you, this fucker didn't play nicely. He went all in with his whole body and it was easy to
tell that he wasn't just going for the ball - he was making extreme physical contact like he had no conciousness at all. He didn't care if the other player was injured or not
and he actually injured one man that evening. I avoided speaking up until one certain moment that brought out the "beast in me" Evil or Very Mad . It was my team vs his and this old
man had already put one guy (from the previous teams) out of that evenings practice and he had just made a fucking two-footed tackle against a mate of mine. We got a free
kick of course but I turned to him and asked him "What the fuck's wrong with you? Are you playing this game to have fun or to injure people?! You're a fucking moron".
I left it at that, or so I was going to, until one minute later we got another free-kick and the old man had the ball so.. Guess what he does? I turn my back to him and he shoots it full
power into the back of my head, impressive aim I gotta say, but I just went furious after that. I went up to him and grabbed ahold of him and once again I asked what's his
fucking deal, did he enjoy this shit? Injuring others? Did he get off at it is that it? His son came and quickly pulled him away from me with 10 (no exaguration) of his other
friends pulled me the other way. I kept screaming as they were pulling away that he was a fucking moron and that people like him is the reason why some can never set their
foot upon a bitch ever again. As he we were pulling away he actually asked people around him what he had done wrong, the senile fuck couldn't see it himself. They finally
told him that his play was wreckless and that people are getting injured because of it. He laughed it off and said something similar to this "Am I wrong? ME?! What am I
doing wrong? I'm just playing the game he's the one that went psycho!" - WRONG - As they were pulling me out to the dressing room away from him I was screaming at him that
maybe I should try his style of play for one game against him see how he likes it, it's only fair after all.

Anyways his son's friends brought me to the dressing room and they told me that this wasn't the first time he's done something like this and that he's always been playing
on the edge of injuring others - Thus explaining to me and my mates why we were the only ones that actually wondered why the fuck he was doing it. So I said fine, it's been
nice knowing them and hopefully I'll see them around sometime but I ain't sticking around that moronic fucker. I swear to god had I seen him injure another player I'd have
gone mad.

Here's the hilarious part though. We had an upcoming cup and his team were in it and so was my "main" team so to speak. First match of the tournament it's us vs them.
This old man was still going all in into every challenge though, he even got a yellow card that game and got close to a red. The game ended 1-0 in our favour and
yours truly, me Very Happy, made the assist for it... How? I had the ball on the left side a few meters outside the penalty area and I saw him, the crazy mofo was heading towards
me with all he had and so I knew what he was gonna do, I saw it coming days ago, I prepared for him as he slid with a tackle and just chipped the ball above him and laid the
ball through to my teammate on the other side. Clean and simple tap in goal, you should should have seen his face though! Hahaha I was so happy, I looked at his face and
just smiled as I ran to my teammates to celebrate.

Hope you all had as much fun reading this story as I had writing it! Cheers!

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