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Peace? Hope?

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Peace? Hope?

Post by WoulfFist on Mon Aug 06, 2007 6:44 pm

Well i talked to my friend last ngiht and i reasoned with him saying you know you should give Deanna (girl who likes me and i like her) a chance you only talked to her for about 10minutes and already making judgement he said fine but you know i know you like her but i like Ashley mroe then you like Deanna so i said are you @!#$%& serious? alright dude you either make peace with deanna or we wont be friends cause did i speak my mind i dont like Deanna I lvoe her more then life itself and she loves me as much and you also been an @$$hole to me so tis either you make friends with Deanna or you lose your best friend

so ya it didnt go as i wanted it too once again my friend just keeps adding the fuel for the fire
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