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Onlive Overview

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Onlive Overview

Post by AltDimension on Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:31 pm

Article taken from

Stereo Ink wrote:

So Onlive launched recently in the UK, with a little bit of fanfare, coverage from a few major gaming news sites, but nothing as big as I would have expected. Iíve been using it for the past 72hours and I wanted to share my experiences with the newest way to play video games.
Initally I was, well, amazed. I personally hate owning physical things, and more recently Iíve started to dislike storing things locally. If I could store absolutely everything online, I would. Currently I listen to all my music through Spotify, I store all my documents on Dropbox & Windows Live Mesh and all the clerical stuff I do, Google deals with. One of the biggest things Iím still left to deal with is my Steam folder. Game installs on my PC currently takes up 226GB! And was one of the reasons I had to upgrade my laptop to a 750GB drive. It would be a dream to take that out the equation when I move from PC to PC. Iíll admit that no one can truely exist only in Ďthe cloudí but OnLive pushes things one step in the right direction.

For those unaware, Onlive runs all the games it offers on itís dedicated servers, then streams that video image to your PC/Mac/TV/Tablet and syncs the controller inputs.

But does it work?

In a word? Yes, yes it does. HoweverÖ

To even thinking about using the service your going to need a 8mbps line with unlimited data. Not got that? Then its really not worth you investing money into a service that you wonít be able to have a consistantly good experience. If you pass the barriers to entry though? Then OnLive is pretty much as good as it sounds. The service itself launches quickly and is really a breath of fresh air from the buggy and slow Steam client. The quality of the games is very good, theyíre probably running on high settings graphically and as long as your internet connection holds up, youíll be hard pressed to find a difference between it and running the game locally. Games load up in about 10seconds and although the game library is a little bit small right now, itís certainly passable for a launch and Iíd expect that itís only going to expand.

Onlive sets itself apart even further by offering some really neat, never before seen social features. One of the most impressive uses of itís technology is the Arena. You can watch anyone around the world playing whatever game theyíre playing instantly. Onlive presents it as a huge grid full of live video steams, you can then instantly jump into it and carry on to cheer/jeer, shout abuse/praise or even launch the game yourself. You think that sounds boring right? Youíd be wrong, itís a great way of deciding what you want to play next or helping you make a purchase decision. Another neat feature is brag clips. Theyíre 10second clips of basically, something cool happening. You view them in a similarly impressive way as the arena and then you can go onto rate. Itís a great way at looking at the impressive or buggy features of games.

So, will this be successful and should you start buying into it? Itís really hard to say. Itíll be down to the games that are offered on the service and how well it expands. The reason Steam took off was becuase Valve makes really awesome PC games and leveraged that to attract other publishers to the platform. The other big player in PC games, EA just launched itís Origin service and hey, they make really good PC games too. So Onlive basically has the two biggest PC games publishers locked out of itís service, which is huge shame and means it cannot replace Steam, if your already a user.

Onlive will continue to, do well, itís ability to offer instant game demos is very impressive and the PlayPack subscription is also a really good deal. But at the end of the day, itís only going to make a dent against Vavle or EA if one of them buys Onlive. And oh boy, it would be awesome if they did.
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Re: Onlive Overview

Post by Dorek on Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:02 pm

weird stuff, think i'll stick my own pc's though
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