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A day at base

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A day at base

Post by Lusotuga on Thu May 21, 2009 9:10 pm


07:00 I arrive at the train station near the base, stop for a coffe and smokes.
07:45 Check in at main gate, walk to my barracks and kick the beds of the guys that are still sleeping.
08:15 Base bar, i drink another coffe catch up whit the latest gossip.
08:30 Main assembly and rollcall. i usualy skip that
08:45 I open up my section and check thing to do today.
09:00 I start the sction pc, log on to the net and check mails, porn and stuff
10:00 I go again to the base bar and eat breakfeast.
11:00 Back at my section i watch the porn that was downloaded.
12:15 I go to the main mess hall and wait for lunch.
12:20 Lunch sucks again, i stroll the the bar and improvise lunch
13:50 Afternoon general assembly and rollcall, i also skip that.
14:00 I put some sprinklers wattering the gardens
14:05 Pick up a pack of beers at the bar and o back to my section, the corporal already barbecuing some meat.
17:00 Base CO orders the signaling the end of the day
17:0O the bar opens up for the rest of the day we are there since 16:00
19:00 Dinner, also suck, we go to a near by restaurant... no one likes sushi so japanese food is out of the menu. We end up eating more meat.
20:30 Back at the base bar, more beer...
??:?? Beer, snooker, general army talks, guns & boys and their toys, bombs and bobs, beer and adventures and misadventures
??:?? Bar closes, we by several packs of beer and hang outside the bar talking...
??:?? We go back to our barracks, some guys are playing playstation3 and have beer, i stay up some more
??:?? I crawl to my sleeping back and lie down.


07:00 Morning wake up call. I keep sleeping.
07:30 Rollcall for breakfeast. Still sleeping.
08:30 Morning assembly and rollcall. Same as above.
08:45 Wake up shower, uniform and boots all check out, i pick up my HK-G3 assault riffle.
09:00 Duty parade and inspection.
09:05 Relieving the guys at the guard house.
09:10 I get the Nintendo DS sit down and play.
12:30 The lunch sucks, i order pizza.
13:10 Pizza arrives, i sit eating and watching a movie on a borowed laptop.
19:00 Dinner is actualy good so i dont need to improvise.
19:40 I start writting this post.
21:10 Posting the insight of a day in the army, and just trying not to get bored.

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