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Why the North Sea isnt really a sea. :D

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Why the North Sea isnt really a sea. :D

Post by Malchai on Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:50 am

Ok wolfy was joking to me yeseterday that everybody who lived in Aberdeen were in fact fishermen.

Well choke on this one...

Firstly, the majority of people in Aberdeen work in oil.. that means we go out to the North Sea... HOWEVER!

The North Sea isnt really a sea.. its sort of an extended Lake of a massive size.

There is a continental Crust between here and most of Scandinavia, where as a sea is not like this.. a sea is where there is oceanic lithosphere.. there is none in the North Sea.

Oceanic lithosphere is made from Basalt where as continental crust is prodominentaly made by Andesites... The North Sea floor is made from Andesites, which would suggest it was a continental crust.

Think about it like this.

Britain is joined to the rest of Europe by underwater land.. the underwater land is very low, but if it wasnt flooded by the North Sea, Britain would not be an island.

I take geology.. i get off on things like this.
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