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Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales in MMOs?

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Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales in MMOs?

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:51 am

Taken from massively, remember, these words don't reflect my own.

I did a ton of shopping Ė all online, mind you, as Iím not so far gone as to actually put on pants or leave the house on Black Friday Ė this past weekend, and quite a bit of it was gaming-related. I dropped money for games for my dad, my husband, and my kid (heís getting Path of Fire, but heís too young to read MOP yet, so he wonít be spoilered!). I bought a pile of new Android games and a few little bits off my wish list on Steam too.

What I didnít do this year was spend anything in an MMO cash shop. Itís not that I am against it; I have a stack of gemmies sitting in Guild Wars 2 waiting for something to grab me. I just keep finding that my MMORPGs that they arenít offering things that are enticing to me. I wonít buy lockboxes, and Iím not dropping the price of a full-scale AAA video game for a mount because thatís ridiculous. And thereís almost nothing ďearly accessĒ Iíd actually play for free, let alone pay money for. But here I am with money willing to buy the right shinies, and the studios are acting like itís lockboxes or bust (or buttcapes or bust?) instead of selling me those shinies. Itís frustrating, but I guess my wallet stays that much fatter.

Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales in MMOs this weekend, or do you find yourself in my same predicament? And if the latter, what did ya get?


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Re: Did you take advantage of any Black Friday sales in MMOs?

Post by Serenity Fay on Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:42 pm

My life is spiralling out of control and I need help.

-Upgraded to the Explorer's package in BDO. This got me some free furniture, hedgehog, horse whistle and a couple really good consumables.
-Bought the Alejandro Package for a shit ton of extra inventory space, value pack,
artisan's crap, horse skill change crap and some other good shit.
-Many birbs

(Also some discounted comic books but that ain't gaming)
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