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Dorek's steam profile is incredible

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Dorek's steam profile is incredible

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:34 am

I just literally saw it now, it is a must read:-

I'm a kitty evil and rebel, a reason not to add me
Rarely i accept friends requests, nothing personal
Some important things to know:
Sorry, I don't speak english (( - I use google translate L
Respect my privacy, i have nothing to say about my personal life, do not annoy me Razz
Also, if I don't respond to your messages, it's probably because I'm in an intense game or AFK...or just want to be a lone kitty and not bothered.
I will respond when I can or feel like it. (Maybe)

I block friend request from profile:
private - created recently - less than 30 people in your friends list
Comments negative will be met with a block and your post will be deleted :*
Do not send any link
Do not send site/pubblicity/invite csgo x.x
Do not send stupid or immature comments
Do not send/ask rep
Do not beg for free item (I also think it's a very pathetic thing to do)

Never ask for a trade! I don't trade!!!


Which bitch you stole this from Dorek? Cunt.

P.S Haha just noticed he belongs to some girl gamer groups, even Gorgeous Girl Gamers? Fucking desperate nerds making groups I see. This is why I love Dorek, he never ceases to amaze you. Here's a comment from some bitch in that group:-

I am Rebecca, 24, Tumblr User and true girl gamer. I love playing games like Minecraft and Tf2 and Zelda ( Zelda is the cutest boy ever ^^ ) so clearly I have a good taste in video games. I joined this group because I consider my self beautiful, despite the hundreds of ex boyfriends (yes I know I'm a slut <3) shaming me for my gorgeous flabs. Does this trigger anyone else? I'm tired of this white males shaming me for my body shape. We are all beautiful inside and out. Let's start a male holocaust who's with me?!?!


The Dragoon King;

"Let your character be your weapon, your fellow guild members be your armour, your blood thirst be your helmet, and use your boots to make a stand. After every battle allow your shield to be your faith in one another, and return from battle either carrying it or resting upon it."

Dorek: hopefully it has ingame voip
Dorek: then you could shout at em
Dorek: besides you sound like a fucking psycho anyway so you would make em piss emselves

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Dragoon King

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Re: Dorek's steam profile is incredible

Post by Serenity Fay on Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:48 am

Serenity Fay
Serenity Fay
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Sergeant Major of the Dragoons

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Re: Dorek's steam profile is incredible

Post by Dorek on Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:52 pm

griefing never stops.
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Re: Dorek's steam profile is incredible

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