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What's been your biggest MMORPG mistake or regret?

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What's been your biggest MMORPG mistake or regret?

Post by TheHidden01 on Fri May 13, 2016 3:24 pm

The opinions do not necessarily reflect my own.

I donít like listing off my mistakes and regrets in MMORPGs, but I do have them. I made a giant fool out of myself being tricked into letting a spy into my guildís castle in Ultima Online, thus losing that castle. I fell asleep on an incredibly boring EverQuest raid once, making my guildies call me to wake me up so we could move on. I went off on an ally in a World of Warcraft raid for a good 15 minutes, shouting up a storm because he rolled on PvE tank gearÖ for his PvP kit. I quit classic Star Wars Galaxies to escape roleplayer drama and forfeited a metropolis in the process (donít worry; I went back!).

But what I regret the most is not playing more of the games I knew I loved the most in their prime. Iím more careful about scams, I donít game when exhausted, and I stopped caring so much about loot rules and dramaÖ but the truly great games? I canít get them back. It was a mistake not playing them even more than I did.

Whatís been your biggest MMORPG mistake or regret? How have you overcome it?


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