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What's your favourite type of grind in an MMORPG?

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What's your favourite type of grind in an MMORPG?

Post by TheHidden01 on Mon May 09, 2016 2:55 pm

Grind is not a thing people generally love in MMORPGs, but whatís actually considered to be grind varies wildly from player to player. You might be OK with leveling that takes months but find wandering around harvesting flowers and ore too grindy. You might not mind working your way up a PvP ladder but draw the line at running the same raid every week on a gear treadmill. Some people donít want to grind mobs; other people see quests, even quests that arenít dailies, as a unforgivable rote thing that they will avoid at all costs.

I tend to be better at handling grinds when they arenít so opaque that I canít help but see and ponder them. World of Warcraftís questing grind, for example, didnít bother me much because the leveling was so quick. The same was true of Star Wars Galaxiesí grindy missions, especially post-NGE, because they were so lucrative in terms of experience and resources. I find myself getting into comfortable grinds in clickers like Diablo III and Marvel Heroes because they keep me moving from place to place.

I think itís the ďhell levelsĒ of grinds that can make me give up, not the grind itself; my favorite type of grind is a grind thatís repetitive with rewards ó be they in-game or mental ó that arenít. How about you? Whatís your favorite type of grind in an MMORPG?


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