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Should MMO studios be involved in modding their reddits?

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Should MMO studios be involved in modding their reddits?

Post by TheHidden01 on Fri May 06, 2016 3:16 pm

"These views do not necessarily reflect my own."

Reddit is a complicated place with more than its fair share of drama, and that drama spills over into the gaming space from time to time. This week, a regular Massively OP tipster, Cramit, pointed us to a now-deleted Reddit thread accusing an MMO studio of abusing Reddit by setting up its own employees as moderators who then allegedly used their new powers to moderate and ban malcontents.

Iím not going to link to it because frankly, I canít substantiate it, and I also know how sour grapes on Reddit work. This isnít the first time that a company running a game has been accused of overstepping its bounds on Reddit anyway. You might recall that accusations of overt Reddit corruption swirled in the WildStar and ArcheAge communities last year too, and we got a similar unsubstantiated complaint about yet another big gaming sub supposedly being in cahoots with the game studio just last week.

Where do you think Reddit should stand on the issue? Should gaming companies be involved in the moderation of subs about their games?


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