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ARK introduces ridable Direbear and Manta Ray

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ARK introduces ridable Direbear and Manta Ray

Post by TheHidden01 on Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:45 pm

ARK: Survival Evolved marches on this week, seemingly undaunted by last week’s studio settlement with Trendy, so players can rejoice that the content is still coming. The game is getting two new baddies this week: Arctodus Dirus, an enormous tundra-based direbear, and Manta Mobula, a cute salt- and fresh-water ray that can leap right on out of the water. Both can be tamed as mounts.

“Starting today survivors will be able to spot Direbears prowling the island and the deadly Manta swimming off shore. In other ARK news, two new structures are now available, the Chemistry Table and Primitive Cannon, along with the unveiling of the first Boss Arena – the Broodmother!! The Broodmother battle is much more epic and dangerous now that Tribes must face her in her very own cobwebbed lair deep within the ARK… but bring some trusty Dinosaurs to the fight and you might just survive!”

If you’re an ARK player on our server, good news — MJ upgraded to the latest patch this morning. Check out the update vid below.


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