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Is there an MMORPG class type you can't stand playing?

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Is there an MMORPG class type you can't stand playing?

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Apr 19, 2016 2:58 pm

Taken from Massively, original article not written by me.

For me, itís rogues. Ug.

Itís bizarre because I adore rogues, thieves, and especially stealth archers in single-player roleplaying games. Thereís never been an Elder Scrolls game with a roman numeral after it that I didnít beat and play most thoroughly on a thief first!

But man, in MMORPGs, rogues just tick all the wrong boxes. I hate stealthing mechanics in MMORPGs. I hate being slow. I hate positional melee. Actual thievery is usually reduced to tedium (games like Ultima Online and Elder Scrolls Online being notable exceptions). I just donít have the patience for rogues in the MMORPG space, and when I look across my accounts for games where Iíve played lots of alts ó City of Heroes, both Guild Wars games, even World of Warcraft ó rogues, assassins, stalkers, and thieves are always the ones I never bothered to level past noobness.

How about you? Is there an MMORPG class type you canít stand playing?


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