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What's the 'deadest' live MMORPG out there?

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What's the 'deadest' live MMORPG out there?

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Apr 05, 2016 1:12 pm

If you were all prepared to troll with a sunsetted game or say ďanything by Daybreak or Trion or whatever studio thatís popular to hate right now,Ē hold that in and keep on reading.

Last week, we covered the story about a blogger entering an online game called Active Worlds and finding it essentially abandoned. It was creepy, like photos of shuttered and overgrown amusement parks, and it may well have been a setup, but it did make me wonder about legit MMORPGs ó the ones that are technically alive but not really.

Iíve had a hard time settling on one because even the ones I expect to be tiny, like Asheronís Call, still bustle with life. Iíd like to find some deserted MMO and cheer it on, to thank its creators for not pulling the plug, so I turn the suggestions over to you: Whatís the smallest, deadest, but still living MMORPG out there?


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