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What's the age range of the people in the MMORPGs you play?

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What's the age range of the people in the MMORPGs you play?

Post by TheHidden01 on Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:55 pm

This morning’s Daily Grind arrives from Massively OP reader camelotcrusade, who asks you to take a long look at the ages of the people around you in the MMORPG community:

MMOs provide a place for age-diverse groups to play together who would not normally interact as peers (or interact at all). When has this changed the way you play — or do you play the same way (and expect the same things) regardless of whether you run into someone who is 13, 30, or 74? And based on your experiences, do you think it’s better or worse to have significant age diversity in your MMO?

I think the youngest person my guild ever recruited who wasn’t a member’s kid was 15 at the time. The oldest person is surely in his 60s or 70s now. I remember when the 30-year-olds in my circle of friends were the old farts, and now the guild “babies” are well out of college. It’s pretty crazy! I’ve always enjoyed having a wide age range myself, and I’d like to think our older folks were a good influence on the younger ones — and vice versa!

But even though I know the stats on MMOs shows that ages skew well into their 30s, I always get the impression that a lot of people churning through are much younger.

How about you? Do you see much age diversity in your favorite MMOs? Do you change how you play and interact based on the supposed age of the players around you?


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