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The Five Questions with Dr Louise - 18/02/2016

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The Five Questions with Dr Louise - 18/02/2016

Post by TheHidden01 on Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:27 am

This week I sat down with Lulu to ask five tough questions, let's see what she had to say!

1) What has changed in your eyes about the Dragoons in the time you have been here?

When I joined it seemed like we had a plan and like everything was alright, nowdays it feels like we are kinda lost and dont really have a home like we did back then.

2) What is dragging this Guild down lately?

I think we dont really connect in wow. Some people wants to play legion but many feel like wow is shit or how can stuff get better atm.

3) Who in your opinion has the tools to be great leaders of the future?

I think TH is really getting into his mojo and getting those kick thoughts.

4) What do you contribute as a leader here, and how would you describe your working relationship with TheHidden01, does your personal relationship affect your working relationship?

I offer a different look at things and Im very perceive too, good at making people think I guess. Well my working relationship with TH is odd because its fixed with personal as well, like I can talk to him face to face and say things I think which I dont think many do atm lol.
As I said of course my personal relationship affected my working relationship with TH, like viceversa. We are humans and you cant put up a wall and just disconnect everything.

5) What does TH need to do to find his inner peace and lead us to better days, and what do you think the membership can do to help?

Well I think he need to find that smooth voice inside him and let people do stuff, talk more to people see their view and share tho not too much as sometimes when you say what you gonna do the brain can register as thats good enough.
I think people can show that they can do stuff to make it easier for him to put trust in others.


Thanks Lulu, always great to hear your thoughts on topics, and you're not afraid to be blunt about it :p


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