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The Life of a Tragic Emo Cuntboy

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The Life of a Tragic Emo Cuntboy

Post by Kreed on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:55 pm

i cri everitiem

Her convo with le bitch boi

19/01/2016, 00:29 - Ryan: I think I'll give you some space for a while so you can play with more of your friends and so I don't third wheel with you and gino so don't expect me to be on for a while

19/01/2016, 03:52 - Ida Nysether: I don't know what to say, most suitable things that comes to mind is wtf and really? 🤔 I don't know what you're trying to do, but that sorta stuff doesn't work with me. You're always welcome to stay with me and have fun, and if i did something to contradict that then I'm sorry! Anyway i don't get the third wheel stuff, if i want to be alone with Gino then I'll go and do that 😊 For me nothing has changed even if i have feelings for someone. I'm just there to play and have a good time!

19/01/2016, 06:44 - Ryan: You've done nothing wrong I just don't want to take up party space that could be occupied by someone you've known longer or haven't played with for a while and besides mobas are not that fun for me I'll think I'll go insane if I don't play something else for a while. I'm glad it's not a problem about the third wheeling it just felt kind of awkward just know I still think you are awesome and the best thing to happen to me since ever and that won't change

19/01/2016, 07:04 - Ryan: Fun fact: we only met because all my games were broken through modding and my saves were getting corrupted and I was bored of fixing that so I decided to play a game I hadn't touched since it's alpha

19/01/2016, 08:19 - Ryan: It's just being around couples makes me feel awkward especially when I like the girl like I like you

19/01/2016, 16:23 - Ryan: Seeing as we share songs about how we feel try : you ruined everything , when you go and I crush everything all by johnathan coulton

19/01/2016, 16:45 - Ryan: I'm just gonna work my problems out on my own seeing as it's my problem and I always have so I always will

19/01/2016, 16:55 - Ryan: I just hope you understand

19/01/2016, 16:55 - Ida Nysether: I do, I'm giving you space 🙂

19/01/2016, 16:57 - Ryan: It's for the best I hope you listened to the songs as they explain well what I'm going through I just need to tell myself I was wrong to think of it and believe it

19/01/2016, 23:22 - Ryan: I'm just gonna be a man and tell you why I'm so sad well here goes I love you I have done for a while and this time it's different now I see anything id felt before was just a crush but with you it's different. It was difficult enough already knowing I could never get anywhere with you but seeing you in a happy relationship with someone I could never hope to surpass makes me feel so lonely and sad that I was biting back tears in ts today I knew it would happen I just thought I would have more time before this happened. All I've ever wanted is to see you be the happiest you can be and as that is with gino I am happy for you but troubled for myself so until I can move on from you, maybe find someone else as perfect as you it hurts me too much to be around you and now I'm gonna stop writing and say goodnight or I will start to cry

20/01/2016, 00:08 - Ryan: I always ruin everything including friendships. Maybe it would be better if I stayed alone forever then I can't hurt anyone or myself

20/01/2016, 06:46 - Ryan: Is there any way at all I can fix this or is there no way I can stay your friend?

20/01/2016, 06:51 - Ryan: I should just retreat back into being who I was then I can't get close to people

20/01/2016, 06:53 - Ryan: You probably don't want anything to do with me anymore anyway I've probably been removed from your friends, I wouldn't blame you

20/01/2016, 06:57 - Ryan: I feel stupid for ever trying to be caring it's not who I am I should have never tried and let myself get to this point where I can't even cry anymore as I've run out of tears

20/01/2016, 06:59 - Ryan: People like me can never find happiness so I should give up with everything

20/01/2016, 07:01 - Ryan: I'm probably just annoying you and making you angry with what I'm saying and that's not what I want I should leave you alone forever it's probably what you want

20/01/2016, 07:04 - Ryan: Just tell me what you want me to do please

20/01/2016, 07:08 - Ryan: Just put me out of my misery and tell me what I can already guess is true, that you don't want to be my friend anymore

20/01/2016, 07:10 - Ryan: While I hope you are planning a response I'm going to cry some more , not very manly I know but I can't help it

20/01/2016, 07:17 - Ryan: I bet you're enjoying watching me at the worst ive ever been and that's why you won't say anything you're just watching me suffer

20/01/2016, 07:20 - Ryan: My problems are probably being laughed at right now

20/01/2016, 07:22 - Ryan: I guess you aren't as caring as I thought you were

20/01/2016, 07:24 - Ryan: This silence is killing me all I feel is pain

20/01/2016, 07:25 - Ryan: So this is the price I pay for opening up to the person I cared about the most

20/01/2016, 07:28 - Ryan: I just want to die so I don't feel like this anymore

20/01/2016, 07:47 - Ryan: I wish you would say something anything

20/01/2016, 07:48 - Ryan: Either tear my heart into pieces or fold it up and take it with you I care not which

20/01/2016, 07:53 - Ryan: All this time I knew I'd be losing you but that doesn't mean it's okay it doesn't mean I'm ready

20/01/2016, 07:55 - Ryan: I almost stabbed myself with my knife yesterday but I guess you don't care anymore

20/01/2016, 07:57 - Ryan: I am less of what I ever was whatever's left is yours now

20/01/2016, 08:00 - Ryan: Maybe you realise now the Ryan curse is no joke I ruin everything I'm the worst possible kind of person to be around

20/01/2016, 08:01 - Ryan: I guess it's better for you to not be talking to me I'd just drag you down with me

20/01/2016, 08:02 - Ryan: You should know I've been lying here awake all night

20/01/2016, 08:03 - Ryan: Maybe one day I'll stop trying to be happy people just get hurt when that happens

20/01/2016, 08:06 - Ryan: If you choose not to hate me then fine but if not then I wish you and gino happiness together and know that I will never forget you no matter how long I live

20/01/2016, 08:16 - Ryan: I'm sorry about everything goodbye

My convo with le bitch boi

Me: Dude, this is Gino. I'll tell you this clearly now: stop. Just... stop. Do you really think acting like you're the protagonist of a tragedy is winning you any favor with Ida? Do you think ANY girl would want to do deal with such a man? You are digging yourself into a hole, deeper and deeper, thinking that being pittied upon will win you any favors. It won't. Not with Ida and not with any girl in her right mind. You made this a way bigger deal in your own mind then it ever was reality and it's making you look like less of a man. I want you to stop bothering Ida and get a grip. Stop being a drama queen and start acting like a man. That's the only advice I can and will give you.

Bitch Boi (BB):I'm not being the protagonist I know this is my fault I will say goodbye forever if I have caused any pain it's not what I want to do
BB: At least I got how I feel out there I should be fine in a week or so give or take a few days
BB: If I am being too much of a nuisance I'll just delete all my battlenet friends and leave forever

Me: The only pain you caused is for yourself. You're acting in self-pity and as adults we expect better. Now please stop sending these messages to Ida. It's just done now.

BB: I will never speak to her again in my life I swear it
Just get your shit together and life will be better to you.
Even so there is no way I can talk to her again not after this

Me: I know, I meant that as all-round life advice for future refference.

BB: She's already not in my contacts when I go on my PC I'll remove all my battlenet friends, I'm also deleting this conversation

Honestly I've been way too patient and nice to this little faglord, but at least he ate shit and fucked off now.
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