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The History of the Dragoons - 10th Anniversary Edition

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The History of the Dragoons - 10th Anniversary Edition

Post by TheHidden01 on Wed Jan 20, 2016 4:44 am

Chapter One

Sitting across from him sat the most awe-inspiring man TheHidden01 had the pleasure of meeting to this point. Confident, impressive, skilled, he was everything TH desired in himself, and this man had taken a great interest in TH. Running alone, TH was nothing of importance, but for whatever reason, WickedDragoon looked at TH and saw something, felt drawn to him. Here they sat then, the rain pouring down, a date in destiny that would alter the events of the world ahead. Two Kings sat together, the fathers of a  cult that would alter everything.

"The problem is, no group around here really cares about it's members. They just care about how much you got, and what you can give them". WickedDragoon dropped his precious philosophy with an apparent lack of fear, but TH sat wide eyed and listened as if the most beautiful song sang to him. "These groups just recruit people, and care only about the numbers, they don't care about people like you and me, who are just trying to get started in this world." TH agreed whole-heartedly, listening to every word, not a stir in his mind to other thoughts.

Within the great Mega City, gangs ran the streets. For many years, the old and esteemed powers stood strong. Nothing shook them, and their membership was elitist, their rule, iron clad, and their control guaranteed. For men like WD and TH trying to just get by, they were shut out, left with nothing but scraps. If they didn't have anything, the big gangs weren't interested, but to get anything, you had to know who the key players were, you had to exploit the resources that only a large gang could acquire, so one could imagine the difficulty facing a fresh face.

"I agree man, I maybe new to this city, but I've witnessed it. Large gangs pissing on us, looking down on any man not in their esteemed club of many years. They got all the money, they got all the members, they got the best equipment, and the favour of the entire city. The problem is, how can us two make any difference?"

WickedDragoon smiled, "You see, this city may run on greed, but the everyday man like us is angry. They don't want these age old gangs running them anymore, telling them how to live their lives. These are real people, who want someone to actually give a fuck about them for a change. We can do that man, we can bring them this stability".

TheHidden01 prickled up, excited he began to talk fast, "You and I can start a real movement, being there for the little guy, and together forging something that comes together against the larger gangs. Showing them you can achieve great things without thriving on greed, but helping each other, giving a shit about each other, creating a family in a city of darkness."

WD stood up and smiled, offering his hand WD made this statement:-

"Then it is a decided, we are both of one mind, and we both desire to create something with actual soul in this city, we both desire to be something together. You and I can do this, if we set an example between each of us, not as strangers, not even as friends, but as brothers we will create a real family on these fucking streets, and you with me Hidden?"

TH rose quickly, took his hand firmly, looked deep in WD's eyes and stated quite simply, "I will follow you on this path, to the end and back again, let's do this Boss". With TH's affirmation WD took command of the new movement. His age and experience the deciding factor in the decision, taking parts of both men's codenames, they named the movement simply as "The Hidden Dragoons".

Two men stood together excited for the start of their new adventure. Neither man had any idea just how much would enfold, just what chaos they will give birth too, but 10 years in the future, you can watch this tale unfold. The adaptation of the history of the Dragoons is here, every week, join us, and you learn more and more about who, and where, we come from.

Thus The Hidden Dragoons was born!

Next Week:- TH is already tempted away from the Dragoons?!


The Dragoon King;

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