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Do you ever just hang out inside MMORPGs?

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Do you ever just hang out inside MMORPGs?

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:15 pm

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When the MMORPG genre was young, I spent a lot of time inside of MMORPGs not doing much besides standing or sitting around and talking to friends. You could call it banksitting or peoplewatching or socializing, but either way, we deliberately used MMO clients as chat clients.

It seems to me that thereís less and less of that as the genre rolls on, and I donít really think itís a result of social media or external communication because IRC and instant messenger programs existed back then and saw wide use among gamers before global channels in MMOs were popular. People just seem far less likely to log in to just hang out. We log into games, take care of our business, and log back out. Communicate outside of games and people look at you funny: Iíve been mocked for my guildís IRC channel, for example.

How about you? Do you ever just hang out inside MMORPGs, or do you take off when the action is over?


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