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Windows 10 and your favourite MMORPGs

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Windows 10 and your favourite MMORPGs

Post by TheHidden01 on Fri Jul 31, 2015 5:12 am

If you’re upgrading to Windows 10 this week, congratulations! You’re brave! You might be in for a week of tech headaches and busted games!

Tech support across multiple games and studios is recommending that you fully update your graphics drivers first and foremost. Nvidia and AMD have released new drivers in the last few days to support Win10’s support for DirectX 12. “NVIDIA has been working closely with Microsoft on the development of Windows 10 and DirectX 12,” blared the tech giant’s website yesterday. “Coinciding with the arrival of Windows 10, this Game Ready driver includes the latest tweaks, bug fixes, and optimizations to ensure you have the best possible gaming experience.” Yeah, you need ’em.

World of Warcraft users are reporting FPS drops, mouse and camera issues, and screen tearing. (Switching from windowed to full-screen and back again seems to be resolving a lot of problems.)
Trion is confident in its preparedness: “As of today (July 27), and barring any last-minute changes made by Microsoft, all Trion games are ready for Windows 10 release,” Brasse told RIFT, Trove, ArcheAge, and Defiance fans. Players with problems are advised to update their drivers.
Final Fantasy XIV is less confident. “We are currently performing operation verifications so that Final Fantasy XIV can be played on Microsoft Windows 10, the next OS to be officially released by Microsoft on Jul. 29, 2015,” posted the studio earlier last week. “The verification process is scheduled to be completed in mid-August, but if any issues should occur, more time will be required for verification. We will make an announcement when Final Fantasy XIV officially begins to support Windows 10.”

While there’s no formal word from ArenaNet on Guild Wars 2’s state of readiness, players report that it’s been humming along under Windows 10 preview versions for months. Anyone experiencing crashes is being instructed to reinstall drivers and submit bug reports with crash dialog text directly to ANet.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has put up a forum thread requesting Win 10-related bug reports. “Before posting, please make sure you have also installed the latest Windows 10 driver for your graphics card,” BioWare asks. Graphics problems and blurry screens seem to top the list so far.

WildStar’s Redditors report that the game’s been working fine on Win 10 preview for months. (The forums are still down as I write this because of hackers, unfortunately.)

Elder Scrolls Online has no official statement on Windows 10 yet, but some players are reporting “client out of date” login errors and — again — recommend driver updates.
H1Z1 Redditors report mixed results; players running SLI configs continue to have problems even after driver resets.
Daybreak doesn’t offer forum support anymore, but Landmark players who submitted Windows 10 loading errors to the company were allegedly told that “the game is only built to run in Windows 7.” Fellow players recommend running the validation tool.

The tech junkies on the Star Citizen forums are having a field day benchmarking the new OS; 42.2% of people voting in a recent poll said they were adopting Win 10 right away.

Marvel Heroes is collecting bug reports related to gaming on Windows 10 on the official forums. Several players report stutters and crash issues.

Finally, Nexon recommends against updating your OS to Win 10 if you’re a MapleStory fan.


Of course, this is just a handful of MMOs. If you know of other official statements from studios about their games’ compatibility with Windows 10 (or updates to what we’ve got above), let everyone know in the comments! I’m going back to weeping silently over the new F2P-with-ads Solitaire that has sullied Microsoft’s big week.


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