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Blue Tweets - 12/01/2015

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Blue Tweets - 12/01/2015

Post by TheHidden01 on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:11 pm

Character / Items
so do I, i also don't mind random stats in wow on loot that isn't from raids
WoW doesn't really have "grey" items as "rewards" anymore, though. More incidental gold acquisition. Not in chests. (Muffinus)
Oh man, tell that to my salvage yard.
Haha, touché, you opted in to that one though (Muffinus)
I did, it's free money, as I said I don't mind greys or whites.
They're great in some, but I don't think they're the right fit for every game. Specific items tell a better story. (Muffinus)

Possible to make Ashran Que make louder sound upon popping? Tab out for 30 seconds and miss que after 1+ hours in ;_;
We'll take a look (holinka)

I am also trying to be nice. If you have time, please look into fixing Ashran queues and imbalance,4 hr ques
Ashran queues are still high priority for us. Still exploring ways to improve them. (holinka)
not just queues. There is zero faction balance.
faction balance is actually forced. You can only join if there is someone on the opposite side to join at same time. (holinka)

Why do some classes get additional CC via glyphs? I think that's a bad idea, e.g Glyph of Garrote/Explosive Trap.
Many of the glyphs appeared before our CC problem was so obvious. We nerfed them last expac. (holinka)

With the inn requiring the last boss killed why not have the quest item drop off the boss as well?
most of the quest items have on-use effects to make your dungeon run feel a bit different (Muffinus)

Mentioned it several times that I no longer share plans about the game on Twitter. Hit up for any announcements. (holinka)
Weird statement from a pvp developer. Did you take on more than you can handle?
Nope, we just want to consolidate where information is coming from. Hard to follow 20 different devs. (holinka)


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Dorek: hopefully it has ingame voip
Dorek: then you could shout at em
Dorek: besides you sound like a fucking psycho anyway so you would make em piss emselves

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