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Patch 6.1 - Twitter Integration

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Patch 6.1 - Twitter Integration

Post by TheHidden01 on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:09 pm

The implementation is really slick and out of the way. If you're using Twitter it helps you share things with an in-game UI you can choose to bring up. If you don't use Twitter just don't attach a Twitter account and I don't think you'll see anything related to it. The goal isn't to start socializing everything, it's really just to make it more convenient for people that already are sharing their gameplay. If you know anything about our UI and philosophy on simplicity I think you'll have a good idea of how subdued the implementation is, but it could get fun as Addons hook in and interact with it.

Can you supply a screenshot of the feature (in what I assume is a pop-up window) and a screenshot of the UI WITHOUT the pop-up. Like, at a time where it won't be triggered.
I cannot as I am at home and don't have access to an internal test client. To answer what I think is your question though, the ways you bring up the UI are by typing /twitter (I believe that's correct) or by clicking a small "w)))" icon that's next to existing UI elements. There's no minimap button or popup telling you to Tweet about things.

And that is why I won't be using this feature at all. Having Addons 'hook in' on a feature that is tied to my twitter account is not one I would trust. Too much chance of Addons starting to spam up my twitter feed with their own 'subtle' or not so subtle advertising.
An addon cannot tweet something for you; you have to hit the button.


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