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cleaning is the lives for me

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cleaning is the lives for me

Post by Dorek on Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:29 am

This is a story that came to me about a few hours ago and this is the start of it.

**Warning this does contain fucked up things that may disturb others or turn them on. Which ever one is your own business.**

I was always an avid movie watcher when I was younger. Enjoying the bad guys getting the win and the good guys losing from time to time. But there was always one guy I loved to watch, the middle guy. One of my favorite movies involved a guy dubbed “The Cleaner”. His sole job in life was to fix the messes people made or basically clean up. He worked for anyone from your run of the mill gangster, politician, regular Joe Shmoe and crime bosses. It was intriguing, this “Cleaner”. Some would say his job was dirty and fit for the scum of society. Others would say he had people by the balls. I'd go with the “others” in this case.

See Cleaners are in the know of the bad shit people get into and do. They have info on people that could bury them for life if it got out. But even with all this power, Cleaners are trusted with what they see to keep it quiet and not for a cheap fee. In this movie, the Cleaner was paid $50,000 to clean a mess made by a drunken Japanese business man. What had happened was he got a little too drunk and found the ways of the “American hooker”. Him and his bodies got some hookers and headed to their hotel. Splitting up into their respective rooms to literally fuck the night away. Unfortunately the little foreign boozie was violent when he was drunk. Needless to say he ended up “braining” the poor hooker all over the hotel room. A freak out later and a call to The Cleaner and this little business man was heading to his meeting with no worries or memories from the night before.

I was hooked on that movie. I must have watched it a thousand times. It wasn't long before I started implementing the movie into my life. When I got into high school I started “cleaning” so to speak. People would do something that had the potential to get them in trouble, I got them free and clear, for a small fee of course. Some dude beat the tar out of another kid. One witness aside from the loser of the fight. A $300 fee later nothing happened. What happened? Well I got my fee, paid the witness and the punching bag and went on my way. Kid never got caught and I made $150. It evolved from that and got into more lucrative and bigger jobs. While the money for a high school kid was awesome and my name was floating around more than narc in the river, it wasn't enough. I needed something bigger. Than came my job.

My dad got me a job at the local dry cleaners. He was an old fashioned man who always preached hard work is good work and good work is hard work. Also some stuff about legit work is better than being the catcher in a prison shower.....(another story for later). Anyway, so I got this job working the counter taking in cleaning orders. It was decent easy money to. I didn't have to do much. Take an order, place the order, get the cloths and take money. After a bit I wanted to upgrade my position so I asked to be a “cleaner”. I know I said something wrong cus when that word came out of my mouth my boss and the other workers stiffened up. See again like the prison phrase from earlier, I didn't know that “cleaner” was really a term used in the real world. I thought it was a movie term and some moron kid(me) used it in high school to get some cash. Well fuck no on that one. Apparently it was an actual term for exactly what it was in the movie. My boss slowly turned to me and gave me a look that I swear made my asshole relax and my bowels empty. It was that fucking scary. Anyways he looked at me and asked “what the fuck did you just say?” In a psuedo Robert De Nero speech pattern that again my my ass relax and bowels move. I answered him honestly for fear of being clobbered to death and thrown into the river. He looked at me again but I didn't feel like shitting myself, no I was confused actually. He gave this smirk like he knew something about something you didn't know about and he was going to rub it in your face. Than the bastards starts laughing, fucking laughing. After five tense moments of my life flashing in front of me and being noted “as the kid who shit himself to death”, my boss is laughing. He looks over to my co worker who by the way is also... fucking laughing and says “little punk wants to be a cleaner, a fucking cleaner.” Again not sure about the humor in my desire to move up in the world but the other co worker start laughing as well, Apparently I said something so fucking funny that I started a riot. I was getting a little irritated by this. “What the hell is so funny!?” I yelled at the group. “I just want to move up in this business.” A little unnerving silence later the boss looks at me again than to the others and starts whispering. “Mumble mumble fucking kids mumble mumble cleaner”, was all I could make out of it. Boss and the two others turn to me and says “you want to be a cleaner? I'll allow it on some terms”. Nodding me head in excitement for the opportunity. “I'm not finished.” He says interrupting my joy. “You will do everything I say no questions no complaints.” I nodded. “You will be here everyday on time.” I nodded again. “You will not speak of this to anyone. What happens here or on the “job” stays there.” I nodd- wait what? Why the hell do I need to keep cleaning quiet from people? “Um boss, why do I need to keep it quiet?” I asked with hesitation afraid to lose the job. “Because what cleaners do is something many know, but don't know. You catch my drift.” Like a moron I nodded.

So began my start as a “Cleaner”. Why the quotation marks around cleaner? Well see what I thought I'd be getting into was cleaning. In a way it was cleaning, but with a twist. A sick, perverted blood and semen soaked twist. I clean alright. First night I went with my boss and the two others to this shanty looking apartment building. Walked a million fucking stairs to the top. Walked to room 821. Door was ajar and you could hear mumbling coming from behind the door. Boss pushed open the door and we all hurried in. Something about this place said “hurry the fuck inside”. Once I got in I was hit with this smell of meat, ass and sex. Not the combination I prefer. It was gross really. What was worse, the mumbling was coming from this cracked out looking business man sitting on the floor next to a mutilated body of a woman. Crazy fucker was nude, dick in hand furiously masturbating on her corpse. The woman looked to have been fucked while being hit with a hammer. Blood was pretty much everywhere. Along with brain matter and the crazy fuckers cum. Needless to say I vomited. I vomited like the bitch on the Exorcist. My vomiting broke the cracked out dick holding crazy out of his daze and he of course freaked out. Now when you freak out you normally don't keep doing what you are doing while you freak out. No, you stop what you are doing immediately and then freak out. Not this fucker. Oh no, he shot up to his feet dick in hand. Looking around at the new arrivals to this party he starts stalking our little group, still with his dick locked in a death grip. Someone moves just enough and the next thing I know I have the guy chasing me down masturbating as he's yelling at me to fix it. Fix what? Was my first thought. This isn't the shit I signed up for. No one needs to see some dude gripping his dick like it's a dead mans switch while he “strokes one” on a corpse.

Yeah so after a decent amount of time dealing with “dickman” he became calm and even let go of his dick. Something I was oddly comforted by. Not to far after our contact came in and explained the issue. The “dickman” just so happened to be the son of a politician and a big name one as well. He had fallen out of his fathers graces and became an addict. He was tracked down to this place after he was seen picking up a hooker(see corpse of woman from earlier). The contact said he watched as “dickman” had sex, did heroin and PCP, had sex again and killed the woman. That's when he called up. He wasn't aware of the other things he was doing but he didn't care. He wanted this cleaned and erased from the world. Boss settled on some business things with a shake of the hand to the contact and we got to work.

Longest night of my life and by far the most fucked up. But when Boss handed me a wad of cash(talking hundreds and fifties), it all went away. I was hooked from that point on. And this is how I became “The Cleaner”
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