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Probably the only video with me in it from Aion days

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Probably the only video with me in it from Aion days

Post by Kreed on Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:35 pm

Found it while pilaging through my Likes list on Youtube.

I'm the Cleric named Stariana. The guy who's playing is playing a Chanter, who's responsible for keeping up groupwide buffs, as well as providing some off-healing and supplementary DPS. The Dredgion PvPvE instance is often a tactic play where you could be pushing foreward one moment and the moving back the next. Losing teams often try to train mobs onto their opponents to sap points (you lose points for dying) to impede the winnings of the oposing team or, if they're really lucky, turn things around.

Very tight teamplay required. Calling targets. Knowing your role. Using your enviroment and LoS. After a while it was like seconds nature to me when playing. Too bad the EU version was sold to some shit ass F2P P2W ALL HAKS ALLOWED!!1! company...
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