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Betawatch: June 21 - 27, 2014

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Betawatch: June 21 - 27, 2014

Post by General Yoghurt on Sat Jun 28, 2014 4:14 am

This week, sandbox hopeful Pathfinder Online kicked off a pay-to-play alpha for its Kickstarter donors and folks who bought access through the game's website. What else is new in the world of MMO betas?

World of Warcraft began its closed beta for Warlords of Draenor.

Swordsman will slash its way into open beta on July 3rd.

Destiny's Xbox beta is slated to begin in late July.

LEGO Minifigures Online's open beta became a soft launch as Funcom promised no wipes of characters or cash-shop purchases.

Elite: Dangerous entered what it's calling Premium Beta 2.

Nexon launched the beta for its new mobile MMO, Legion of Heroes; this round ends June 30th.

Finally, Massively's MJ will be playing and (8pm EDT wednesday) ArcheAge's alpha for July's Choose My Adventure series.

The complete Betawatch roundup is below.

Massively considers a game to be in open testing if it has open, public signups and plans for a server wipe before its official launch. Self-described "open beta" MMOs that have soft-launched with functioning real-money cash shops will not be listed.

Black Gold (Snail Games): Announcement, Signup
Face of Mankind (Nexeon): Signup
Legend of Silkroad (JC Planet): Announcement, Signup
Margonem (Garmory): Signup
Project Gorgon (Project Gorgon): Signup
SmashMuck Champions (Kis Studios): Announcement, Signup, /r/ (early access on Steam)
Taikodom (Gamersfirst): Announcement, Signup

We consider an MMO to be in closed testing if it features either future test signups or an ongoing semi-private beta/alpha that cannot immediately and freely be accessed by the general public. Some are restricted by NDAs. Games qualify even if the testing is limited to backers or pre-purchasers and if has an active cash shop as long as the signups are restricted.

Albion Online (Sandbox Interactive): Announcement, Signup (alpha)

ArcheAge (Trion): Announcement, Signup (alpha; closed beta delayed "a few weeks" from June ETA)

Archlord 2 (Webzen): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

Argo Online (Games-Masters): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

Auto Club Revolution (Eutechnyx): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

Beasts of Prey (Octagon): Announcement, Early Access (alpha)

Black Desert (Pearl Abyss): Announcement (Korean closed beta)

DayZ (Bohemia Interactive): Announcement, Signup (Steam early access)

Destiny (Bungie): Announcement, Signup (PS4 alpha; Xbox beta in July)

Dungeon Fighter Online (Neople): Announcement, Signup (alpha)

Earthrise: First Impact (SilentFuture): Announcement, Signup

Eclipse War Online (Playwith Interactive): Announcement, Signup

Elite: Dangerous (Frontier): Announcement, Early Access (premium beta 2)

Gloria Victis (Black Eye): Announcement (donor alpha)

Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard): Announcement, Signup (technical alpha)

HEX (HEX Entertainment): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

Landmark (SOE): Announcement, Signup (paid closed beta)

Legion of Heroes (Nexon): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

Line of Defense (3000AD): Announcement, Signup (July Steam early access)

MyDream (MyDream): Announcement (closed testing open to donors)

Nosgoth (Square Enix): Signup (closed beta)

Origins of Malu (Burning Dog): Announcement

Pathfinder Online (Goblinworks): Announcement (donor alpha)

Shadowrun Online (Cliffhanger): Announcement (Steam early access)

Shards Online (Citadel Studios): Announcement (pre-alpha)

Shroud of the Avatar (Portalarium): Announcement (in donor testing)

Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium): Announcement (backer pre-alpha dogfighting module)

Starlite (Project Whitecard): Announcement, Signup (fka Astronaut: Moon, Mars, and Beyond)

Strife (S2 Games): Announcement, Signup

Swordsman (PWE): Signup (closed beta; open beta begins July 3)

The Crew (Ubisoft): Announcement, Signup (PC closed beta July 23; launch November 11)

The Repopulation (Above and Beyond): Announcement, Signup, /r/

Transformers Universe (Jagex): Announcement, Signup

Tribal Wars 2 (Innogames): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

Trove (Trion): Announcement (donor alpha)

TUG (Nerd Kingdom): Announcement, Signup (Steam early access)

Venus Rising (FoxySoft): Announcement (in internal alpha; adult MMO/NSFW)

Warlords of Draenor (Blizzard): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)

War Thunder (Gaijin): Announcement, Signup (closed beta)
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