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Get cheap MMOs and early access titles on steam

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Get cheap MMOs and early access titles on steam

Post by General Yoghurt on Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:49 pm

If your Steam wish list is filled with early access games on sale for exactly one half of twice too much, well, I know the feeling. But MMO players still might want to take a look at the summer sale that began today since some MMOs have been marked down by as much as 58%. Here are just a few (prices in US dollars):
Final Fantasy XIV is $20.09
The Secret World: Massive Edition is $41.99 (the regular version is $20.99)
The Guild Wars Trilogy is $29.99
EVE Online is $9.99
Marvel Heroes' hero DLC is all on sale
Final Fantasy XI's Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition is $26.79
Darkfall's six-month sub is $59.99
Nether starts at $6.74
Shadowrun Online is $20.09 (early access)
DayZ is $25.49 (early access)
Face of Mankind is 4.99 (early access)
Perpetuum is $24.64 (early access)
Windborne is $14.99 (early access)
Entropy is $13.39 (early access)
Beasts of Prey is $14.69 (early access)

Check out the full list of Steam MMOs and MMO-tagged games for even more
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