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Champion Rotation - 17/06/2014

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Champion Rotation - 17/06/2014

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Jun 17, 2014 2:19 am

New champ rotation out and nearly all I haven't played, really excited to try these champions.

Draven - ADC

I got that he has great damage but honestly I felt the mechanics were just weird. Catching the blade in team fights when you can't even see the ground due to team fights is ridiculous. Wasn't for me, coupled with a terrible support and gold smurfs on bot, meant my deaths were terribad.


Rating:- 6/10

Galio - Mid

Not bad, but seems to lack in anything special. Has a nice strong Q and R is pretty good, but it's not excellent and that really sums up the class. It's just a simple thing with him in that there are multiple mids who do the job best.

Only reason to use him is against a heavy AP team that's all really.


Graves - ADC

Not a bad champion, has good base damage, and scales with items. I liked him, but he doesn't shine for me, so overall it's an outside option for the future.


Jax - Top

Been quite a while since I played my trusty Jax, after a horrible run with him, but played well, managed to stop the opposing Jax and dominate the lane and game to score high.

I always liked Jax, but a string of bad results made me leave him for a while. I already own him, so no need to buy.



More to come as I add them.


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