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Interested in a MOBA game where it's easy to get into?

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Interested in a MOBA game where it's easy to get into?

Post by General Yoghurt on Sat Apr 26, 2014 6:35 pm

Well you are in luck, there is Heroes of the Storm, where it focuses more on teamplay with goals such as objectives to win against the enemy team.

Here is some basic info.

1. No items = No type of money to spend on.

2. All XP is shared, that means, if you are level 10, your whole team is that level as well.

3. You can summon and ride on mounts (which is obviously a transportation method for getting to places faster)

4. There will be big objectives where, if you succeed to do their requirement, you can turn the tide and gain an advantage. (For example, you can hire a Ghost pirate merchant by giving him gold from treasures you can find on the map, and when you give him the specific amount of gold, he will tear down parts of the enemy teams defense structures. And many other objectives exist as well)

5. Matches are expected to be quite short. (Around 20 mins)

The game is currently on ''alpha'' and you can sign here for a possible invitation.

Here is a match if you want to see for yourself.  

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