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WoulfFist in a wheelchair!

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WoulfFist in a wheelchair!

Post by WoulfFist on Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:29 am

so um ya im in a wheelchair cause i really messed up my back wrestling with ym friend but i think he really did want to kill me cause i was flirting with a girl he likes just to bust his chops lol but he felt so bad after he nearly broke my back so i took a ride to the ER and i have so much problems with my back idk how he gave me a pinched nerve and possibly a herniated disk so ya now he said hes going to help me around school but hey wheelchair = lapdances! haha jk but i told you this story to tell you this

Ok so ya my keyboard player is friends with this 1 girl and me and her really like each other and i found that out today i mean i never even met her but it feels like iv known her before and i know im 15 (16 soon) but idk shes made me feel the way no girl has made me feel and yes i know im 16 but its weird though today she told me her parents are getting a divorce and i felt the same emotional pain she felt and my parents are still together honestly i have never felt emotional or physical pain from a girl except her and yes i know im 15 i still got a long road ahead of me but words cant describe and yes i know im 15 and iv never met her but do you really have to have feelings for someone you actualy know or can you have feelings and feel the other person's feelings who you never met?

P.s. it seems TH bust my chops the most about me being in relationships and just being 15 lol but its ok cause i know but that doesnt mean i cant have real true feelings for someone

P.s.s. Pray for me so i can get the hell out of this wheelchair!
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Re: WoulfFist in a wheelchair!

Post by AltDimension on Sat Nov 10, 2007 1:09 pm

ouch man!
Well I really hope you get well soon!
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