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Spellslinger, I haz returned!

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Spellslinger, I haz returned!

Post by Kreed on Sat Apr 12, 2014 11:17 am

So while SS was my first pick for Wildstar prior to going into the Beta, I was turned off by its innate mechanics at the time and its lack of mobility when it came to certain skills (having to stand still while casting). However, after reviewing the latest patch and some of the changes of the last WB patch, I've decided to go back to SS.

The innate now is being used on cast, rather than deplete over time, taking away the gimpyness of it or it being wasted by stun. Additionally, the new patch increases the recharge rate of points for it while in combat, now matching the recharge rate while being OOC.

The new patch has made 3 of the skills (2 Support, 1 Assault skill) mobile, instead of stationairy cast. On top of that, I discovered that some stationairy skills get some nice T4/T8 bonuses. For example, Charged Shot, the second ability you get in the game, now has a T4 that allows you to cast it on the move. As those who have played SS will remember, that ability hits hard when fully charged. Just imagine what you'll be able to do when you make it a cast on the move skill!

The latest patch also buffed some of the survivability of SS, as Void Slip's cd has been decreased from 60s to 45s. Wow. And it synergizes well with some of the AMPs. For example, there's an AMP that gives you 1 interrupt armor when leaving the Void, so not only makes it Void Slip a cc breaker and get out of jail free card on a decent cooldown (not counting the 15% cd reduction you can get for all skills via AMPs), it also gives you an edge for a short time when dropping back out, since you're immune to one CC for 6s. In PvP this is gonna be great!

Anyways, that's just my little rant on WS and how great and huge the steps they make with each patch are.
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