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ESO's WvW. Wow! Much faction balance! Such server play!

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ESO's WvW. Wow! Much faction balance! Such server play!

Post by Kreed on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:34 pm

But yeah, I guess despite the "megaserver" thing, the PvP WvW play is still server based. What does that mean? Horribly unbalanced server play, as there might very well be one faction that swamps the other two completely, making people of the other two reroll faction or even server. And I don't think it's like GW2 either, where your server can get paired against different ones each round, depending on the overall leaderboard scores, but rather just on the server itself. Seeing as its been said as these keeps aren't as easy to cap (or maybe just as fast) as the ones in GW2, it means the weaker factions are fucked from now till yonder year. gg ESO lol
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