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Patch Notes for January 21st 2014

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Patch Notes for January 21st 2014

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:22 pm

Patch Notes for 1/21/14 (Build 6471)

  • The Crate (message) is dead. Long live the Crate.
  • Wurm Tunnels can no longer be creatively exploited through the use of Recall.
  • The blank EULA in the launcher has been removed until we get some text for it.
  • Removing and adding a friend no longer causes them to be listed twice.
  • Fixed a server crash related to abilities that grant group auras.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Faction NPCs were killable for more experience than intended.
  • Entering a portal with the "rally" option selected will now properly lower the level of all party members entering the instance.
  • Content

    • Farside - "Light the Skies": Vicious Vlogg's ship no longer moves so slow that the quest can't be completed.
    • Celestion - "Invasive Intelligence": Aegis Interfaces can now be activated.
    • Celestion - "Predators and Prey": Fixed a bug preventing this quest from being completed.
    • Celestion: "Flush the Ambush": Unkillable Ambushers should no longer spawn in certain cases.
    • Ellevar: "Musky Business": Fixed a bug preventing Webwood Spiders from using Corrosive Venom.
    • Galeras - "The Dominion is Coming": The special abilities used in this quest should now properly function.
    • Galeras: "A Sticky Situation" - Fixed a bug causing the tank to get stuck at the first stop point.
    • Thayd: The poor defenseless NPCs of the Alchemist's Maze can no longer be attacked by Dominion players. You heartless monsters!

  • Housing

    • Fixed a bug that would throw an error when renaming a housing plot.
    • Fixed a client crash caused by sending décor to the crate.
    • Props now properly despawn once sent to the crate.

  • UI

    • Fixed an issue where AMPs were unable to be respecced.
    • Options: Fixed a bug causing Texture Level of Detail to be actually setting itself at one option lower than what players selected.
    • The Inspect UI works again!
    • All path abilities now appear correctly in the Action Set Builder.
    • Fixed a bug causing "Salvage All" to appear when hovering over any empty inventory slot.
    • The quest tracker once again shows checkmarks next to quests that can be turned in remotely.

  • Combat

    • Fixed a bug causing Crit Rates to be calculated much higher than intended.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause abilities to re-lock when switching between Action Sets.

  • Spellslinger

    • Assassinate - Fixed an issue where the T1 Surge bonus was dealing far more damage than intended.

  • Esper

    • Soothe - Fixed an issue where the T3 bonus was scaling based on Stamina rather than Support Power.
    • Mind Over Body - T8 now heals for 140% Support Power and 43.2 health pert level.

  • Stalker

    • Pounce - Fixed a bug that was preventing Pounce from applying damage and Snare if used from 6 meters or further.

  • Medic

    • Energize - Cooldown has been decreased to 1.5 minutes, down from 2.

      • Updated the tooltip to clarify that the offensive version of the buff no longer grants Actuators for the duration of the buff.
      • Offensive: Removed the self-snare and increased the Assault and Support Power buff to 30%, up from 10%.
      • Defensive: Removed the Weaken effect and reduced the Damage Reduction to 55%, down from 70%.

  • Engineer

    • Flak Cannon - Players can no longer output more damage by jump-casting.

  • Kel Voreth - There should no longer be a safe area to hide in during Slavemaster Drokk's Bombshell Construct phase.


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