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How do you predict the MMO industry to go in 2014?

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How do you predict the MMO industry to go in 2014?

Post by TheHidden01 on Sat Dec 21, 2013 3:56 pm

With a busy year ahead and lot's of big MMOs dropping, what are your predictions?

WildStar - A moderately successful release, with the game rising in subs by the end of the year, 2014's GW2 basically, perhaps not as successful initially, but better long term.
ESO - Explosive release, with a huge dip off after 3 months, worse than TOR, F2P within two years.
EQ Next - Will be the next hotly anticipated MMO, can see hype thriving for this game.
Crowdsource Games - I suspect we'll see more of these going up.
WoW - Great expac, but less sales, and subs continue to drop.
GW2 - Sales slow, and activity drops, but maintains a niche, rising again end of year with a good patch, grabs alot of ESO subs.
WoD - We here some more news and we get a site to go with the game.

That's my predictions, what about yours?


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