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Do you miss the MMO midgame?

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Do you miss the MMO midgame?

Post by TheHidden01 on Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:31 pm

Some people play MMOs to play the early game and roll alts. They may never get past level 12, but they have that one class in every race and almost every hairstyle too just because.

Some people race to the endgame. They can't imagine stopping to smell the roses; they just want to get to the "real" game at the end of the leveling treadmill, whether it's raiding or high-end crafting or PvP.

What's often forgotten in themepark MMOs is the mid-game. In sandboxes, the mid-game is the game, but in themeparks, you don't find a lot of people milling around the middle levels intentionally outside of twink PvP. Or do you? Are you one of those gamers who prefers to lock your level to PvP like it's 2005, who roleplays in that tavern from two expansions ago, who longs for the days when people ran UBRS and Unrest and Fornost without irony, and who wishes devs would heap love on the midgame instead of letting it decay with time until it's nigh-on skippable?


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