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How do you choose your mount?

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How do you choose your mount?

Post by TheHidden01 on Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:49 pm

World of Warcraft used to make earning your first mount a pretty big deal. These days, it's less a deal simply because the game has so many mounts it's almost absurd. Almost anything large enough for a player character to fit on top is a mount... and if it's not big enough, a bigger version will be found for players to ride just the same.

That's not the only game to do this, of course. Final Fantasy XIV now offers multiple mounts and multiple ways to dress up your mount. Dragon's Prophet offers you a variety of draconic options. Many games love to give players promotional mounts or special mounts for pre-order bonuses, subscriber bonuses, microtransaction items... you get the idea.

So in this field of variety, how do you choose your mount? Do you plan for the cheapest option and aim for form over function? Do you display a special promotional mount with pride? Is your favorite mount a rare reward from in-game content? Or do you pick your mount based on character personality?

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