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Diablo III's auction house 'really hurt the game'

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Diablo III's auction house 'really hurt the game'

Post by TheHidden01 on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:52 pm

Diablo III's joint in-game gold and real-money auction house has played a fairly major role in the game since its launch. Remember that one time when a guy used the real-money side of things to bank a cool $10,000? That apparently wasn't really what Blizzard foresaw when creating and implementing the auction house. According to former Diablo III Game Director Jay Wilson, the auction house "really hurt the game."

Apparently, Blizzard anticipated that very few players would make use of the auction house and that item prices would limit the number of transactions going on. That, uh, wasn't the case. Nearly every one of Diablo III's roughly 3 million monthly users make use of the auction house, and item trading has "damaged" the item rewards in the game.

Without giving up any juicy details, Wilson has mentioned that the team is working on a viable solution to the current problems posed by the auction house.


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